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About Lynette Simmons

Lynette started in the wedding business over 30 years ago, as an assistant to a friend who was coordinating a wedding- Immediately, she fell in love with the business. Even though she worked full time, for the next 21 years, Lynette coordinated weddings as a hobby. Lynette retired from the business in 2003, however, after moving to Las Vegas and after her son got married at one of the chapels on the Las Vegas strip, she saw a need to re-establish her business. Seeing how the personal touch and the hometown family feeling was missing, it is Lynette's desire that a couple can come to Vegas and have all the glitz and glamour, but yet leave with that personal touch and home town feel. 

Behind The Creations

Studio-Project.1 (3).png

Meet our Creative Partners - Lorene King comes with years of experience in floral design and creation. She has a unique eye and is gifted to create unique pieces.  Tina Harris comes with years of experience in business and office management. She has great organizational skills and is very detail oriented.  Stacy Hayes-Chilton comes with a BS in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Human Resources and is also working towards her Masters in Accounting. She is efficient, detail oriented, and eager to assist our customers to make sure they stay within their budget. Lastly, Devonia Herron comes with years of experiences in the Hospitality business. Her warm smile and soft voice can make the most nervous couple feel like they are working with their best friend!

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